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Turkish Technic Hayırlı Olsun Ziyareti
Malatya'da Öğrencilerle Söyleşi Gerçekleştirdi
34.Sayımız Çıktı
33.Sayımız Çıktı
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St. Petersburg

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Bireysel Gelişim
To support the basic education of young people in the developing aviation sector and to raise them as useful individuals to society.
Sosyal Gelişim
To create the environment and conditions conducive to working for the same goal in solidarity from one end to the other.
Sektörel Gelişim
To produce advanced human resources and projects in every field compatible with our national interests.
Toplumsal Gelişim
To ensure that aviation makes the greatest contribution it can to our nation, with the dedication and joint efforts of all its stakeholders.
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